Williamsburg, Greenpoint

The Bedford

Tucked into the former Sound Fix digs in North Williamsburg, the Bedford puts out a an array of solid, locally sourced, upscale comfort food in a space that manages to be simultaneously spacious and cozy. The kitchen works sophisticated flavors into homey, stomach-lining classics—a touch of truffle shavings on the macaroni and cheese, a hint of jalapeño in the chimichurri. The menu rotates regularly, offering more adventurous fare like salt-and-pepper blowfish tails alongside hamburgers and pasta dishes. Tables made from vintage military desks and dark wood paneled walls give the spot a schoolhouse-meets-saloon feel, though the back room, dotted with stately leather armchairs, veers more toward an eclectic grandparent's study. At night, the back turns into a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, offering house concoctions like the vodka and ginger-based Kicking Mule as well as craft beers and organic wine, all to a carefully curated mix of post-punk tunes. — Margaret Eby

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