Tamarind Tribeca

More than 30 years ago, Avtar Walia arrived in the United States from Chandigarth in the Punjab region of North India. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, from Guru Gobind Singh College where he served as president of the student body. In the late 1970's he was a warehouse manager for Gucci, and worked at the city's Tandoor restaurant as a captain and a bartender. Later on he managed Akbar restaurant on Park Avenue, and began planning to open a fine dining establishment. Mr. Walia realized his dream when he became co- owner of the highly respected Dawat restaurant. Fifteen years later he opened Tamarind, as the sole proprietor, focusing his knowledge, passion and imagination to launch a world class dining operation on East 22nd Street. Mr. Walia is the owner of Tamarind, Tamarind Tea Room and Tamarind Tribeca

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