Williamsburg, Greenpoint


While New York gorged on dry-aged burgers and deep-fried stoner grub, Saltie created the lettuce sandwich. But there is much more to recommend this quirky shop than its iconoclastic Romaine Dinghy. There’s the pickle-palooza that is the Scuttlebutt, and the Clean Slate, a sublime open-faced Middle Eastern kitchen sink, all distinguished by housebaked focaccia and chewy naan; bright, piquant dressings; and flurries of fresh herbs. There’s the seasonal specials, like panzanella and a niçoise salad with sardines. And then there’s the pastry case, ample reward for finishing your veggies in the form of oatmeal-caraway cookies and buttery-crusted galettes. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld

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