Greenwich Village

Philp Marie

Philip Marie, located in New York's West Village, is, quite frankly, a neighborhood gem. The menu is a brilliant fusion of New american Cuisine, and the wine list offers incredible wines from all over the world. Philip Marie is not only known for consistently innovative cuisine, but also for its warm and attentive staff and maintaining an extremely devoted clientele. About Our Executive Chef & Owner John P. Greco III is well known throughout the restaurant communitiesof New York, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Brazil. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of america. Before opening Philip Marie, he worked at such renowned establishments as San Domenico, NYC & Imola, Italy, Cipriani/Harry's Bar, NYC & Venice, Le Cirque, NYC and Torre di Pisa in New York, where he was executive chef. With classical training and broad experience, Greco's love of american Heartland preparations has inspired his creative take on good ol' american food.

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