Financial District

Pavilion Cafe

If you're seated in a direction that blocks the view of the adjacent Petco and Capital One, the Pavilion—right in the heart of Union Square—almost feels like a tropical resort. The breeze blowing through the open structure might even be interpreted as balmy, set against an array of potted palm trees. (Although, the illusion is similarly broken, should you frequent what feels very much like a public-park restroom.) You'll find the bar bustling with a professional crowd on any nice day after 6 pm, a testament to the quality of the cocktails—though, be warned, the noise hits a level somewhere between loud and intolerable. Regardless of its somewhat disappointing atmosphere, the Pavilion's menu is painstakingly fresh and simple. Items like the goat-cheese-and-tomato tart, or the kale Caesar salad, are simple (and maybe even outdated), but crafted with ingredients that seem to be pulled from the surrounding Greenmarket. You'll want to try some seafood as well—perhaps less local, but still in touch with the market-fresh theme, such as the salmon pot au feu, served over a bed of pearl onions, fennel, and baby rainbow carrots. The generally light entrees will likely leave you wanting dessert, but that's all right, because there's plenty to choose from: pick between coconut mousse, a summer-berry verrine, or a trio of gelato. — Lauren Duca

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