Meatpacking District and Chelsea

Organic Modernism

Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2009, Organic Modernism is a mid-century modern furniture label dedicated to stylishly enhancing living spaces. OM embraces bringing fine taste, functionality and perfection to the interiors and outdoors of every people's homes and offices at an affordable cost. We offer sleek, exquisite furniture, lighting and home accents produced in high quality materials in our own factories. We can work with you to ensure your needs and demands are met so that you can enjoy your home the best way possible. Organic Modernism is rapidly growing with four locations in New York, two in California, and two in Hong Kong. Many masters of modernism believed that working people around the world should be able to afford and enjoy an aesthetic quality in their everyday lives. The great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer once said that nothing is a design until ordinary people use it. We share that same vision about design.

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