Noodle Pudding

The name may be a bit unappetizing, but Noodle Pudding prepares some of the best Italian food in the city. If you keep your head down and ignore the put-you-off-your-food artwork on the walls (the display rotates, but they almost never get it right), you’ll be rewarded. Sliced Angus steak is a winner in the entrée category, as are the grilled chicken breast over greens, osso buco that’s fragrant with rosemary, and a sticky mushroom risotto. Be sure to order the white bean and escarole side dish if it doesn’t already come with your main course; it’s drenched in oil but so glorious you won’t care, even if you diligently monitor your fat intake. Noodle Pudding, which has one of the most comfortable, mahogany-accented dining rooms in the area, is also a great value: You’d be hard-pressed to find a $15 bottle of wine this good anywhere in Manhattan. — Matt Dobkin

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