Williamsburg, Greenpoint

Luksus Torst

luksus at tørst offers a seasonal tasting menu and is open Tue to Sun. seatings are as follows: Tue and Wed 7.30pm; Thu-Sun 6.30pm & 9pm. the price is $125, not including taxes or gratuity. please be advised that service will start promptly so please come 15 minutes early and join us for a beer at the bar beforehand. in fairness to the other guests, anyone arriving late for their reservation will start at the course for which they arrive. cancellations or changes to your party size must be made 24 hours in advance via key: [email protected] reservations cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged full menu price plus taxes per person on the reservation. we do not accept reservations over the phone. allergies: when booking, please inform us of ALL dietary issues including any specific food allergies. pescatarian and vegetarian guests are welcome; however, we are unable to accommodate for vegan guests.

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