East Village

Liz Christy Bowery-Houston Community Garden

The Liz Christy Garden is a community garden located at the intersection of the Bowery and Houston Street in Manhattan on New York City Parks Department land. Started in 1973 by local resident Liz Christy, it was the first community garden in New York. The Liz Christy Garden is also the home to the tallest Dawn Redwood tree in Manhattan and was the first garden started by the Green Guerillas. The garden includes a pond stocked year round with fish and turtles, groves of trees, vegetable beds, herbs, and flowering perennials. It is open to the public on Sat (noon till 4pm, all year), Sun (noon till 4 pm, May to October) and Tue & Thu (6 pm till Dusk May until October). The garden, started in 1973 was first named the Bowery-Houston Community Farm and Garden. It was renamed the Liz Christy Garden in 1985 to honor its founder who died in 1985. Liz Christy was a founder of the urban community garden group Green Guerillas, the first Director of the Council on the Environment of New York City's Open Space Greening Program, and the first winner of the american Forestry Association's Urban Forestry Award.

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