Whether you are seeing a Broadway show, touring the sights or just in need of a great stop in the heart of the city, Junior's on Broadway is the ideal location at the Crossroads of the World. This spectacular restaurant features outdoor dining on our patio during the summer, a full service bar, and beautiful new dining room. Our extensive menu features most of our favorite Brooklyn specialties as well as some added sophisticated salads and entrees perfect for a night out in the big city!We are located near the corner of Broadway and 45th Street with a take away entrance in the famous Shubert Alley linking 44th and 45th Streets. Of course, we have a bakery with a full selection of coffee drinks and cakes and pastries as well. Trivia Fact--when opened in 2006, our famous 'Brooklyn, NY' sign on the Restaurant Kiosk confused tourists and locals alike who thought they exited the subway at the wrong stop.We like to call it a taste of Brooklyn in the heart of Manhattan.

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