Garment District and Herald Square

Houdini Museum

The Houdini Museum of New York has several hundred of the rarest and most important pieces that was used and personally belonged to Harry Houdini on display. In the museum's archives are over 1,500 pieces of Houdiniana that allow for an ever changing display. Some of Houdini’s items include extremely rare publicity posters, unthinkable handcuffs, large escape restraints, secret tools to escape, mystifying magic props, spiritualistic expose items, thought provoking photographs and creative advertising memorabilia. Many of the museum's items have never been on display for public viewing. The Houdini Museum of New York is located within the headquarters of Fantasma Magic, the leading manufacturer of magic tricks and home of the most prestigious magic shop in the world. The shop features thousands of magic tricks to chose from and an enthusiastic professional magic staff performing amazing magic tricks that you can do. A limited amount of original Houdini items are also available for sale.

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