Williamsburg, Greenpoint

Franklin Guesthouse

When stepping in from the freezing cold outside, I directly feel welcomed by the beautiful Christmas tree and a happy face behind the desk. The people here are so friendly! The guesthouse is situated in Brooklyns upcoming Greenpoint, a mere stones-throw from Manhattan and Williamsburg. The vibrant, rapidly transforming neighborhood appeals to all preferences and Greenpoint’s homey, unpretentious vibe is amazing. There is a cool community vibe going on here. Our room is more than we have hoped for. It’s huge for a boutique hotel! You have a private bathroom, lounge area and kitchen and a (very comfortable) bed. I love all the details and the design of the room. They also offer a sauna and Franklin Street is packed with cute boutique shops and hipster eateries. We soon discover that Franklin Guesthouse offers free rides anywhere under a (few) miles from the guesthouse. Such great service! They bring us to a cool shopping street, pick us up at the best vintage shop in Brooklyn (bags are heavy!) ánd towards the station with our suitcases. They even brought my forgotten e-reader to the place where we we’re after checking out!

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