Williamsburg, Greenpoint

East River State Park

East River State Park is an 11-acre (4.5 ha) state park located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The park stretches along the East River near North 7th, 8th, and 9th Streets, and offers unobstructed views of the Williamsburg Bridge and Midtown Manhattan.The park is built on the former site of the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal, the first offline railroad terminal to be located in Brooklyn (opened in 1870 as Palmer's Dock). It is adjacent to the city-run Bushwick Inlet Park. The park opened on May 26, 2007. Unlike other nearby parks, it closes at dusk. State park rules prohibit dogs and bicycle riding. In 2009 the music concerts that were held at the McCarren Park Pool were relocated to the East River State Park. The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) selected the East River State Park as the site for future performances. The park has been nicknamed the Williamsburg Waterfront. Through a public/private partnership the Open Space Alliance and Ticketmaster, live music performances will be held through the summer months at the East River State Park.

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