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Domino Park

Domino Park is a 6-acre (2.4 ha) public park in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. It spans a quarter mile along the East River near the Williamsburg Bridge, at the site of the landmarked former Domino Sugar Refinery. Along the five-block riverside walk, various salvaged factory equipment is displayed, including four syrup collection tanks, that pay tribute to the history of the Domino Sugar Refinery. The park was designed by James Corner Field Operations, which also constructed the High Line, over the course of six years. Opened to the public in 2018, it is owned and operated by Two Trees Management, which spent roughly $50 million to construct it.The park features a children's playground, dog run, volleyball court, bocce court, and a playing field. The volleyball court is partially meant to pay homage to the historical Latino population of Williamsburg, with whom the sport is popular. In a move to shift the burden of upkeep to the private sector, a small restaurant will be opened, offering tacos made of locally raised beef, along with cocktails. An elevated walkway extends much of the length of the park, resembling the interior of the old refinery. The crane tracks that were used in the original refinery now houses gardens with roughly a hundred different species of plants. All wooden structures and chairs in the park were built using reclaimed wood from the refinery. At the southern end of the park are a set of water jets that illuminate in a fountain display, shooting eight feet into the air. The playground was designed by artist Mark Reigelman. Named Sweetwater Playground, it is designed to resemble the sugar refining process. Reigelman wrote, 'The idea is that a child enters as raw sugar cane and exits at the last portion of the playground as molasses, or sugar cubes.' It is also partially built using reclaimed materials from the old refinery. Hurricane Sandy struck New York while the park was under construction in 2012. To safeguard against future storms, the park is located on an elevation well above the Federal Emergency Management Agency's flood elevation guidelines.

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