In Florence, small restaurants serve the neighborhood and its residents where the Alimentaris and Tattorias are places for family and friends. Like in Italy, expect to find a little hidden gem, simple and rich. Located a few steps down, that border the swath of Sixth Avenue sidewalk known as Father Fagan Park, this little snuggery has a winning air of relaxed authenticity. Ciccio, is a neighborhood Italian Alimentari (Food) & Bar, featuring the specialties of Florentine cuisine through its quality prepared ingredients. The idea of this restaurant is just the simple elegance of traditional Tuscan food using local ingredients. Signature bread alongside a perfect piece of pecorino, and a glass of Tuscan wine to enjoy alongside Florentine dishes such as: Panzanella, Pappa al Pomodoro, Ribollita. Ciccio specializes in house-made pastas and Florentine favorites with the Tuscan idea that hunger is the best cook and where a “full stomach comforts the soul.”

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