Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

When 31 flavors just can’t hold your interest anymore, seek out the cheerful pot-bellied dragon banner that marks the entrance to this Chinatown scoop shop, which has been drawing locals and tourists since 1978. The small, bright interior is decked with press clippings and colorful T-shirts for sale, as well as a menu board that demands a little re-orientation. among the traditional flavors are a citrus-y, herbal green tea ice cream, an aromatic lychee sorbet, a nutty black sesame ice cream and the fresh green avocado; suddenly the exotic choices are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Those who like a little contrast can combine varieties from both sides of the board—say, ginger and peach—for a double-decker cone, or feast on a two- or three-scoop sundae, dressed with red bean sauce, lychee topping or chocolate syrup. — Sarah Breckenridge

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