Bareburger is a restaurant that offers guests the simply joy of a well-made burger, fries and a shake. It is incredibly important to the kitchen staff here that all of the produce and meat that come into the restaurant are sustainably farmed and certified organic. Bareburger proudly declares itself a community restaurant and actively works to give back both to its local neighborhood and the farmers that sustain it. Everything on the Bareburger menu is all natural. If there is lettuce on a burger, the diners can rest assured that it is pesticide and GMO-free. Even the poultry and eggs are raised cage and cruelty-free. While there are several sandwich options at Bareburger, most guests come in for the delicious burgers like the blazin' cattle with pepper jack, fried pickles, spicy fermented slaw, pickled jalapeños, leafy greens and sriracha may on a brioche bun.

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