Williamsburg, Greenpoint

37 Blue Slip

37 Blue Slip is the fourth residential building to be built as part of the new Greenpoint Landing development in Brooklyn. Located on 22-acres of waterfront in Brooklyn, the Greenpoint Landing plan transforms a formerly industrial area into a new multi-building development. The plan reestablishes the neighborhood’s waterfront connection through the creation of new streets, new housing, new waterfront parks, and a new public school, all designed to integrate into Greenpoint’s already thriving, diverse community. 37 Blue Slip will include 359 rental units in a 30-story tower. The tower is rectangular in form, and serrated along the wide north and south faces in order to create views and give depth to the facades. The design interest is created by the articulations of the building’s massing, the zigzag bays which burst out of a series of tall, rhythmic brick piers. Divided-light windows in painted black metal give the building an industrial feel, while redbrick masonry piers split the glass systems up and sharpen the look of the serrations. Capping the tower proper is a glassy angular penthouse that crowns the building’s massing.

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