Williamsburg, Greenpoint

325 Kent

Designed by SHoP Architects and carefully constructed by Two Trees, the building’s unique profile enables it to maintain a distinguished street presence while being respectful to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. The distinctive copper and zinc façade generates texture and depth, and the building’s shape gives the residential units luxurious amounts of light and air. The building also features expansive views of New York City’s breathtaking skyline. Two Trees has long been committed to creating neighborhoods that have a unique identity. We support independent and local retailers that add to the vitality and sense-of-place where we build. The retail at 325 Kent reflects a continuation of this commitment. The building will include a unique set of retailers who will both support the neighborhood vibe and provide goods and services for the building’s residents. Retailers will include: a gourmet food provision store and craft beer bar, a boutique wine shop, a hip yoga studio, an independent local pharmacy and a world-class restaurant featuring a Michelin star chef.

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